Year 4 Project
 Part 2 Individual
Roles: Researcher, UX Designer, Service Designer

Could a blended healthcare system of traditional and conventional medicine, enhance our chances of creating new cures for diseases?

'The Answer to Ebola'  Research Project - Traditional African Medicine

The research for the project was based around the International NGO - Prometra, The Andrew Young Foundation and Morehouse Medical School Ebola project. Plant extracts that are used as a common method of treating Ebola in African traditional medicine stopped the growth of the Ebola virus when tested in MMS labs. In the press conference conducted in relation to these findings, all partners urged for more organisations to work with them in order to transform healthcare through the collaboration of traditional and conventional medicine.

Link to full video:
Link to press conference:
Prometra’s take on COVID-19:

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increased global emphasis placed on the
pursuit of new cures and vaccines. I decided to transform the brief and look at what we
could learn from the Global South - the western way is not the only way. 
The Blended Healthcare system aims to develop cures whilst introducing cultural sensitivity in medicine by
encouraging collaboration between different practices, traditional and conventional medicine.
The system introduces a new healthcare role – the Treatment Mediator and Consultant (TMC).

The Blended Healthcare System 2030 

            Patient Health Record Device

Due to conventional medicine being considered the best way to treat illness, trust must be
established before traditional medicine can be accepted by society. To reduce any speculation
on new treatments as a result of the newly developed system, devices have been created
allowing patients to access their own health records. The health records are stored and
accessed through fingerprint biometric data which provide updates on advice from the TMCs or
doctors, previous appointments and goals set.

What are the key benefits?

Context image of digital healthcare device. Keeping the product clinical to ensure universal understanding, I wanted to create the environment of the product less clinical to reduce stress and anxiety of healthcare relate issues. The pentagonal shapes ensure patient confidently and security whilst using the devices.  ​​​​​​​

Model Making Process

   Work In Progress Exhibit 
    Lighthouse, Glasgow Jan 2020

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